A Tale About Fairies, a Garden and a Beast

Once upon a time there was a little fairy named Faye, that was looking for a new home.


Faye looked and looked.  She thought about hiring a realtor but she had heard that it was pretty much a buyers market at the moment due to the popularity of fairy gardens on Pinterest.  She found a cute little cottage.  The foundation seemed sturdy, someone had added drainage holes and it was in her desired location, but the grounds were a little bare.  However, Faye was into DIY projects so a little work didn’t scare her.  She had after all watched a lot of HGTV.


Faye was on a budget, though.  And while there were many projects she wanted to do, she knew her absolute must project was some landscaping.  The sun was very hot.  Without landscaping she was going to be very uncomfortable this summer.  She searched until she found some magic plants.  The plants had the magical power of multiplying in quantity on the ride home from the nursery where the gardener had purchased them.  The gardener now had too many plants for her planned garden.  The gardener told Faye that she could use the plants for free at her new home.


Faye is excited that she has nice smelling plants like thyme and rosemary in her garden.  Faye can also use these plants to spice up her cooking this summer.


Faye also has some coleus.


Some pretty verbena.


And some salvia.

Faye realizes that she may end up living in the Amazon rain forest by the time the summer is over because these plants may get really big and overwhelm her little cottage.  She is ok with that.  Faye knows that when fall comes she may decide to replant some of her landscaping with more appropriate sized plants.  She knows most of the fun of having this type of garden is picking out the plants and planting them.

It’s also fun to pick out the accessories.  So, Faye then went to Joann’s and got herself a dog and some chickens.  She also got herself a comfortable chair.



Faye planted her garden.  She also added a wire for some birds to sit, a pine cone and a heart for decoration.  She built herself a pretty pink stone pathway because pink is her absolute favorite color.  She made sure to post a sign right in front of her garden saying Fairies Welcome.  And sure enough, her friend, Iris, came to visit her right away to tour her fairy garden.


Faye is hoping to have some time to build a few things for her new home and fairy garden.  She may build herself a little hammock and daydream away some summer days.


Or a swing where she can while away some hours.


Faye was feeling pretty content with her new home and fairy garden.  However, she did discover there was a gigantic Beast lurking in her neighborhood.


This is a better picture of the Beast!!!  He looks scary here.  And he is very loud.


Faye spoke to her new neighbors, the Gnomes.


The Gnomes said the Beast can be tamed with dog treats.  She was relieved to hear that.  Faye was worried that she was going to have to  find something equivalent to a Prince that could slay a dragon to rid herself of the Beast.  And, in modern times, she knew that most likely she would end up having to rescue the Prince from the dragon.  Have you seen the movie Enchanted?  So, rescuing herself with dog treats in her pantry seems simple.  She is sure in no time she and the Beast will be best of friends in true Disney-esque fashion.  And Faye in her fairy garden and the Beast will all live Happily Ever After.


THE END! –June


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