A Viewing of Sensitive Skin

I recently had the opportunity to watch the first season of a new HBO Canada series, Sensitive Skin. I had read good reviews about the show and decided to check it out for myself, on Netflix. (I watched the whole season during a cold and dreary weekend.) Sensitive Skin is an adaptation of a BBC series of the same name. It’s a dark comedy that stars Kim Cattrall, who’s character Davina Jackson is very unlike her notable role as Samantha Jones, that made her famous in the HBO hit series, Sex and the City. (Also a favorite of mine.) Davina is a woman well into her fifties who is is struggling with insecurities regarding the physical and emotional journey of getting older.


This is a show about a couple of a certain age, who is trying to transition into the next phase of life.  Their neurotic and slightly depressed son has moved out, and they have left their comfortable home in the suburbs of Toronto to move into a stark loft in the heart of the city. They realize it’s a mistake, however they try their best to make it work.


Even though this is a mid-life crisis comedy, I love that it doesn’t follow the predictable hollywood path of hot flashes, plastic surgery, and the bored husband leaving his wife for a younger woman. It does follow the journey of a woman in her 50’s, trying to reinvent herself, and struggles to become more comfortable in her slightly older skin. Along with that, she has been with her husband Al, played by Canadian actor Don McKellar, for three decades and both are aware that they have somehow grown apart over the years and done nothing about it.


I don’t want to give too much away, but I really enjoyed season one of this series and am looking forward to season two. It’s intelligent, fresh, funny, and unpredictable. I also feel that many women of a certain age will be able to identify with Davina’s character. The show is filmed entirely in Toronto and I actually felt like I was in the room with the characters. There are six episodes in season one and it’s definitely worth the watch.


I hope you get a chance to check it out.


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