Christmas Table Centerpieces

Are you hosting the holidays this year? One way to make your Christmas dinner parties a little more festive, is to decorate your dining table with a centerpiece.  Your table is an easy surface to dress up with holiday cheer and it gives your guests something pretty to look at.  If you do not have a centerpiece yet (and Christmas Eve is only 4 days away), you can easily make one with items you probably already have at home.

I always change up my centerpiece from year to year.  I wouldn’t want my guests to get bored looking at the same thing every Christmas.  Because I like to change it up, I do not spend much money on a centerpiece and usually make one myself.  Also, because my dining room table is fairly small and when we have more than 6 for dinner we have to add a leaf, the centerpiece needs to be uncomplicated and moveable.  I also like to put a small centerpiece on my counter height table in the kitchen.  But, once again it needs to be moveable since the table often gets converted to a work space.

This year, I made two centerpieces with items I had around the house and in my boxes of Christmas decorations.  After the holidays, they can be quickly disassembled and used for another purpose next year.

For my dining room, I used a long wood bowl I had bought from Target last fall.  To the bowl I added glittered and frosted pinecones which I found at Joann’s.  Finally, I added some bottlebrush forest animal ornaments and bottlebrush trees to create a wintry magical forest scene.

For my kitchen, I used an old tarnished silver shrimp platter that I received as an “antique” from some family member.  On the larger part of the platter I placed a wreath that has paper feathers with a little bit of glitter.  Because there was a gap between the inner part of the wreath and the platter I placed some of those frosted pinecones in the center ring.  I then added a candle votive in the smaller attached bowl above the platter.

Together these centerpieces probably took me half an hour to make.  Plus, I spent no money because I had all of the supplies in my house.   After they were put together I thought they were a little weird and funky, but I like weird and funky.  What makes them unique is they are one of a kind and only temporary, so if I decide they are a little too strange, we never have to see them again.  So, if you are looking for a centerpiece, search around your house.  In the past I have used containers filled with ornaments, battery operated fairy lights, old christmas cards, my collection of miniature Christmas trees, candy canes, fresh greenery, lots of candles and various table runners.   Have fun! If you need inspiration you can check out Pinterest but don’t get too caught up in perfection.   It’s a wonderful opportunity to be creative and any imperfections make it unique and special.

I hope all of your Christmas preparations are almost done and that you get to relax and enjoy your decorations and the spirit of the holidays. And, if you are looking for more things to decorate, you can always decorate your dog.  -June

Christmas is too sparkly.  Said no one ever.


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