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Last week, June shared her quest to transition into using healthier products on her skin. Over the course of the last few years, I’ve been slowly changing most of my personal care products as well, after learning that many products contain harsh chemicals which, over time, could be toxic to my body. I now choose products with more natural and organic ingredients.

Ok ladies (and gentlemen too), today is all about hair care. Particularly professional color and salons. I thought I’d start by sharing my own hair journey. I was never really much of a hair color junkie. As a teenager, I would comb fresh lemon juice through my hair and allow the sun to lighten up my long brunette locks. Over the years I played with highlights, but nothing crazy. I didn’t do serious hair color done by a professional until I saw those first few grays securely  staking their claim on my head. It was time for action. The color did its job, however, I was never thrilled with the process. I HATED the smell, the staining around the hairline, and the irritation I would get on my scalp and neck afterwards. That little voice in my head kept trying to tell me that the chemicals in the dye were causing this reaction, but I ignored that voice because it was worth the outcome at the time. Also, the redness always went away after a few days.  Unfortunately, this irritation continued, and after one particularly bad reaction, I decided it was time to stop the charade.

Many women opt to go gray naturally these days.  In fact, I have a Pinterest board devoted to these beautiful women and so aspire to one day embrace my gray.  I’m not there yet. I started doing a little research on natural hair color and found some options that I could do at home.  One day, while having lunch with a dear friend, I noticed how beautiful and healthy her hair looked and shared my hair color woes. She told me about a great salon that recently opened in the area that only uses natural and organic products, so I made an appointment that same day. This particular salon uses the Organic Colour Systems, which is derived from aloe vera, comfrey root, orange peel and grapefruit seed. My friend was a little skeptical that her color would stay fresh until her next appointment, but after several months of using the product, she was a very satisfied customer. While at my first appointment, I shared my thoughts and concerns about my hair with the stylist, and together we came up with a plan. It was the start of a new hair journey.  This was almost two years ago, and I’m still thrilled with the results. The products smell wonderful, they last for a long time, and I have never once had a bad reaction. But the best part is that I’m also in love with the salon.


Ahavah Organic SpAlon opened its doors in January of 2014. It’s nestled in a beautiful courtyard in the heart of downtown Barrington, Illinois, just behind Francesca’s Italian Restaurant. In addition to hair care, the salon offers many services including skin care, body detoxification, and soon, therapeutic massage.  They carry wonderful organic hair, skin, and make up products, which makes shopping easy.

O’right makes some wonderful organic hair products which are also available at the SpAlon.

1AA103 1AB123 I’m always pampered from the moment I walk in until I leave my appointment.  I was a little nervous this particular salon service would be out of my price range, because of the nature of the products. The good news is their prices are comparable to those at other salons in the area. I also love that more of these salons are opening, because there are other women, just like me, who are struggling with allergies from traditional hair color. Yes, the products are a little more expensive, but because they are such high quality, you don’t need to use as much and they last a long time. I just started with one product and added more over time. I love that my hair is healthy, and I am so grateful that these products are available.


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  1. Lisa Gabriel September 28, 2015 at 3:46 pm #

    We are so very delighted to be a part of your journey,hair and all! Many thanks for the kind words that you have shared, you are a delight to serve and look forward to a long healthy beautiful journey together.

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