Decorating With Spring Nature

The trees are blooming here in Chicago, the tulips are blooming and the grass is growing.  I love to decorate with fresh flowers and even on the coldest days in winter you will often find grocery store flowers in a vase on my table.  Now that the outside is cooperating we can decorate our homes without spending any money by decorating with the gifts nature gives us.  Try to go beyond the usual flowers and look to trees and other items in yard to bring in the house.

Recently, our crabapple tree was in full bloom in our front yard.  Every time I walked down the driveway I could smell the sweetness of those flowers.  I decided to take advantage and clipped a few of the branches and put them in a small vase on my windowsill.  My whole kitchen smelled like apple blossoms.  The apple blossoms are somewhat delicate so enjoy them while you can.

One of my favorite flowering shrubs this time of year is the lilacs.  When we walk in the neighborhood I stop to smell all of the lilac bushes (my husband doesn’t quite get the same thrill out it as I do).  Because I don’t have a lilac bush, I am waiting for my mom to get home from Florida (today) to bring me a bouquet of some freshly cut lilacs.

If your flowering trees are done, why not try a branch from an ordinary tree.  The buds and small leaves this time of year have a fresh green color.  The more interesting the shape of your branch the better.  This is a bit unusual but I think it is cool.

Finally, soon we will have peonies blooming.  I saw a bunch of beautiful peonies at my grocery store last week for $18.

I was tempted but it seemed a little excessive when I have three nice peony bushes that are growing and forming buds.  I always feel conflicted about enjoying them in the yard or enjoying them in the house.  Hopefully, I’ll have enough blooms this year that I won’t have to choose.

Enjoy all that nature has to offer you to beautify your home.  -June

At some point in life, the world’s beauty becomes enough. -Toni Morrison 

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