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A Closet Collaboration

We all have those special occasions, when we gather with people we haven’t seen for a while, and want to put our best foot forward in how we look and feel.

A few weeks ago, June’s mom Sharyn, requested our assistance in helping her prepare for a very special high school reunion.  She made us swear that we would not tell you how many years, but it was a BIG milestone reunion.  Personally, we think we should be allowed to tell you because she looks great.  This reunion was a two day event that required three different outfits.  Friday night was a casual pizza party, Saturday was a mass and and school tour during the day, with a dressier dinner in the evening. Sharyn was feeling a little nervous about what to wear and about attending the reunion.  Although her basic outfits were picked out, Sharyn was looking for a little advice on some chic accessories.  She does not typically wear a lot of jewelry, just basic earrings, a necklace, watch and her wedding ring on a day-to-day basis.  May and June could definitely help with that.  We arrived at Sharyn’s armed with some great pieces, and had a wonderful time pulling it all together.  It’s always so much fun playing in someone else’s closet.  All of these outfits were put together with items in Sharyn’s closet or something that May or June brought over.  We bought nothing new.


Pizza Party:  Black jeans and a print top.  We added a linen blazer to give it a more polished look (along with providing a little warmth).  We finished it off with cork wedge sandals and a Lapis stone necklace.



Mass and School Tour: Linen printed pants with a coral t-shirt that gives it a pop of color along with a denim jacket.  Sandals and a statement necklace.



Dinner Outfit:  Maxi dress (she was so excited to wear it because it was comfortable) and sandals.  We added a long gold chain and dangle earrings to make it a little dressier for a dinner party.

It’s great collaborating with a trusted friend or daughter when preparing for a special event.  We all tend to make the same safe choices with our wardrobe, when sometimes all we need is someone to give us that extra push to try something a little different. Sharyn felt more confident after she tried on some trendier choices.   She said she had a great time at her reunion, reconnecting with old friends and received lots of compliments on her necklaces.

It just took a fresh pair of eyes to find some great options from Sharyn’s closet, along with a few borrowed accessories.  It was a a fun afternoon and a successful weekend.


Have a great weekend!

~May and June

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A Little Luxury on a Budget

Let’s face it, we all love nice things.  Maybe it’s that great designer handbag you’ve had your eye on, or the beautiful pair of shoes, or that perfect little black dress for a special occasion.  Unfortunately, we don’t always love the designer prices.  May and June heard about a resale shop called Clothes Mentor, and decided to check it out.



Clothes Mentor currently has 131 stores nationwide with several in the Chicago suburbs (and for our Buffalo, NY readers they have two stores, one in Amherst and one in West Seneca), with more opening soon.  They are individually franchised so your local store may differ but they all buy and sell “gently used” high quality designer clothing, jewelry, shoes, belts, and other accessories.  Women’s sizes run from 0-26 and include petites and maternity fashions.  There is also a rewards program that earns you points when you shop, resulting in a 20% off certificate.  We visited the store in Arlington Heights, Illinois which is celebrating one year in business this week. It was bustling with shoppers and women dropping off items to be sold.  Here is a peek at some of the items in the store.


A Coach tote for $130.00


A statement necklace for $8.00


Tory Burch flats and Hunter Boots for well below retail price

Unfortunately these great shoes weren’t our size, but of course we did find a few other treats for ourselves.


A few fun cocktail rings for $4.00 a piece


A small Kate Spade purse for $16.25, a Coach wristlet for $25.00 and a cute leopard sequined clutch for $8.00

So ladies, if you want to get paid for cleaning out your closet, or you just want to treat yourself for fun, you may want to check out Clothes Mentor or another resale store near you.

~May and June

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One Dress Two Weddings

When we receive a wedding invitation we are grateful of course that the couple wants to include us in their special day.  But then the next thought is “What am I going to wear?”  The practical side says that you should wear something in your closet.  However, the other side of you looks at it as a good excuse to buy something new.

This year May and June have a total of seven weddings to attend between the two of them.  June has five weddings.  Because most of them are family weddings it means that she will be seeing the same people at almost all of the events.  A new dress for each wedding is not in the budget but who wants people to start thinking “Oh look there she is in the same dress again.”

So we thought it would be fun to try and use the same dress and create different looks.  We took a shopping trip to Nordstrom and purchased a few new accessories.  We picked accessories that could be used also with work or casual wear.  For other pieces we pulled items out of our combined closets.

We started with a simple black maxi dress.

This one is new from Anthropologie although I did have one in my closet that could have been used (except I wore it to several weddings last year).  Everyone has a black dress in their closet and it is a nice starting point because the dress in and of itself is not overly memorable.

Then we decided to create two looks, one for a dressy (but not formal) wedding and the second for a more casual backyard wedding.

For the dressy wedding we added a gold statement long necklace, a gold bangle and gold hoop earrings along with a silky lightweight printed shawl for a pop of color.  We also added a dressy black sandal with a bit of embellishment (similar).  Finally, we finished off the look with a vintage black and gold clutch from May’s collection.


The second is for a more casual wedding such as a farm wedding or backyard event.

We started with the same dress.  Then we added a black wedge sandal with a cork heel.  We then added a long turquoise bead necklace with a druzy at the end and used the same gold hoop earrings.  We then added a black and white striped cloth clutch with a wood frame and topped it off with an airy open cardigan that pulls in the turquoise and black colors of the other pieces.


And Voila!  Two different wedding looks using the same basic black dress.



Happy Wedding Season!  -May and June

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