Fashionable Winter Boots

Winter has hit Chicago with a fury.  We were fortunate that December was unusually mild, but once the holidays were over the cold came causing me to pull out all of my winter gear.  And this morning I have woken up to temperatures of -6 degrees with windchills too cold to even mention.  I hate being cold so it is important for me to find outerwear that does its job, but most of the winter gear is you start feeling like a stuffed turkey, all puffy and unable to move.  One thing that is hard to find that is functional yet fashionable are winter boots.

I have at least two pairs of boots that are workhorses that can be worn when we have a ton of snow, it is particularly sloppy and cold.  I have a pair of Bogs that I like but they weigh what feels like 10 pounds.  They do a great job of keeping my feet warm and dry and I can tuck my pants in so I don’t get that nasty salt splatter and I also get a great leg workout while I walk in them.  However, they are ugly and as soon as I get inside they need to come off which means that I have to carry another pair of shoes with me to change into.

Fortunately we do not have that kind of weather every winter day in Chicago, so I went on a search for winter boots that would keep my feet warm and look fashionable enough that I could wear inside with an outfit.  I scoured Zappos so that you don’t have to and I found a few choices.  I avoided looking at all of the workhorse boots like Sorels and I did not pick an Uggs (let’s face it they are a little ugly and they are worthless if it is wet out) I ordered one of these and kept them because they are super cute and comfortable.  Here are some of the choices I considered.

Cole Haan Oak Waterproof Shearling BootieCole Haan Boots

I thought these were a little cute.  Fairly nondescript black booties with a small heel and they are lined with shearling so they’ll keep your tootsies warm and they are waterproof.

Cole Haan Callie Slip On Shearling Waterproof

Slip On

Sometimes, especially when I go to yoga, I just like to be able to slip on a pair of winter boots.  We spend a lot of time in the winter getting dressed so it is nice when a pair of boots is easy.  I thought these could be cute for just a pair of shoes to slip on.

La Canadienne Passion

Tall Boots

These boots are expensive, but I had a pair of booties from this company a few years ago that I wore to death.  The boots were warm and waterproof.  So if you are looking for a tall pair of boots that fit that bill and look good, this looks like a good pair to check out.

The North Face Bridgeton Wedge Bootie


The North Face

This is the pair I ordered and kept.  I can say that they are pretty comfortable.  The leather is nice and soft.  They have a wedge heel so I get some height but still feel stable if I walk on some ice.  So far they have kept my feet warm and I like that the color is something different than the usual black.

So I hope I have given you some ideas about fashionable boots that you can wear during the winter.  Because winter is too long to have to wear ugly boots every day.  –June

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