Fun Candy Bouquet

In my family we have a lot of birthdays occurring within the span of one week in September.  My sister-in-law’s is on the 6th, a close aunt’s is on the 7th, my mom’s is on the 8th, and my older younger brother’s is on the 12th.  That is a lot of birthday fun so we usually all get together and have one big birthday celebration.

For my siblings and I, we decided a few years ago not to get each other birthday presents (the only exception being if it is a milestone birthday or if you happen to be at Target on “Force Friday” and they have a Potato Head named Luke Frywalker and your brother loves Star Wars and Potato Heads, but we can talk about that another time).  However, we still like to get each other a little something to mark the occasion, whether it be flowers, a bottle of a favorite adult beverage or a sweet treat.

This year I thought I would give my sister-in-law and my aunt some of their favorite candy (my brother was getting Luke Frywalker as noted above), but I didn’t want to give them a bag with some random candy thrown in it so off to Pinterest I went.  There I found the idea to make a candy bouquet.  Super simple and I think they turned out cute.

Items Needed (makes one candy bouquet):

Mason Jar (I used the narrow mouth ones but if you want to fit more candy you could use the wide mouth jars)

1.5 bags of miniature candy (I used mini Reese’s peanut butter cups, Hershey’s miniature candy bars)

4-5 full size candy bars

Paper Straws (I found  these in the party supply aisle at Target.  They held up just fine and they were cute).

Tissue Paper

Baker’s Twine

Glue gun (I did not have one so I bought one. I was so excited because I’ve always wanted one which I know is a little weird).


Using your glue gun, glue the paper straws to the back side of the candy bars.  Let the glue cool.


In the meantime fill the mason three-fourths of the way up with the miniature candy.


I decided to make a paper flower to decorate the outside of the jar.  Take one sheet of colored tissue paper and cut it into eight equal pieces.  Then laying each sheet on top of each other fold it like a  fan.


Cut a piece of baker’s twine long enough to wrap around the jar with some extra.  Take the folded tissue paper and tie the baker’s twine super tight in the middle.  You’ll have a narrow spot in the middle but the ends will flare out.


Then separate each layer and fluff up and apart so you flower is nice and fluffy.


Take your now cooled glued full size candy bars and stick randomly in the mason jar.  Once they were placed, I put a few more pieces of the miniature candy strategically in the jar to help the straws stay in place.

Then take the long ends of the baker’s twine attached to the paper flower and tie around the mason jar.  I just tied the ends in a bow at the back (making sure it was tight) and trimmed the edges.

And now you have a completed candy bouquet.  —June



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