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Getting Away From It All

I left home for a few days.  It was nothing dramatic.  I had scheduled a getaway to visit May in Charleston, South Carolina for four days.

I realized upon arrival to the airport that I rarely go somewhere by myself just for fun.  Usually when I travel solo it is for work or a conference.  Vacation time tends to be sacred so I usually spend that time traveling with my husband.

Because this was going to be a weekend of frivolity and I wanted to travel light, I left my laptop at home.  That meant no work unless it was a phone call or an email.  I was absolutely unable to log into or attend to anything substantive.  That alone felt like a weight off of my shoulders.

I left my boys (my husband and Gatsby) home to take care of each other.  At home I am the caretaker.  I make sure everyone is fed, walked and has clean clothes to wear.  However, they were on their own and guess what?  They survived.

May and I had a really fun weekend (we’ll post more later), but being away by myself made me realize a few things.  First, it is good to do things for yourself once in awhile even if it means spending a little money and going on a trip.  It is good for you to do things on your own.  That may mean travelling alone, eating in a restaurant alone, going to a movie or a play alone, or just sitting quietly alone.  I have a good marriage and I genuinely enjoy my husband’s company, but sometimes I need a little space to do things for me with no expectations from anyone else.

Second, re-entry to work is tough after a fun vacation especially if you do not particularly like your job.  The morning I returned was a grouchy morning.  Work is not always fun no matter what you do, but when your work is exhausting and uninspiring, the time away from it makes it all that much clearer.

Third, I appreciate that my husband encourages me to do these things on my own which makes it easier to take the leap and step out of my comfort zone.  I was a little anxious before I left about travelling by myself.  We usually road trip on vacation so flying makes me a little uncomfortable especially with all the rules now of security and carry on baggage.  When I expressed my concerns, my husband told me how happy he was that I was going on a fun trip for myself.  He recognizes that we each need to keep pieces of ourselves to keep our marriage interesting and strong.

Fourth, the dog is not happy when I leave him but is really, really happy when I come home and follows me around like my second shadow.  He is also very good at guilt trips, but copious amounts of dog treats assuage all of his feelings of abandonment.

Fifth, and finally, there is no better place to sleep than your own bed. –June


It is only when we silent the blaring sounds of our daily existence that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us, as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts.      

K.T. Jong

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