Happy Hour Friday- Moscow Mule

Welcome back to Happy Hour Friday.  With the Labor Day weekend ahead, we thought it would be fun to start things off with a very popular and refreshing cocktail, the Moscow Mule.  These are everywhere right now so we thought we would make them at home.

The story of the Moscow Mule goes back to the 1940’s.  Apparently, back then, vodka was not a very popular drink.  A man by the name of John G. Martin bought the rights to the French Smirnoff brand in 1939, but no one wanted to drink it.  He partnered up with Jack Morgan, who was also struggling to sell his ginger beer. With the help of a bartender, they combined efforts, put the drink in a copper mug with a lime wedge, and the rest is cocktail history.  Why it’s called a Moscow Mule remains a mystery.  The consensus is that the name Moscow was used because vodka primarily came from Russia, but Mule?  Who knows?  (June’s theory is that if you drink enough of them you feel like you got kicked in the head by a mule, but she just made that up).  We just know that there’s nothing better than a Moscow Mule by the pool on a hot, “We don’t want summer to end” day.


1 serving

1 jigger of vodka (we used Grey Goose)

1/2 jigger of fresh lime juice

1/2 cup chilled ginger beer (Fentimans or Crabbies)

1 lime wedge

Fill copper mug with ice. Add vodka and lime juice, then add ginger beer.  Stir to mix and garnish with lime wedge.  We had a whole debate about whether the ginger beer should be alcoholic or non-alcoholic.  We never did get a definitive answer so we just used the alcoholic ginger beer.  Why not?  We could use the extra little kick!

UPDATE:  We had a request from a very loyal and faithful reader for some mocktail ideas for Happy Hour.  We will try and incorporate them in our Happy Hour posts.  We know that there are many people that for various reasons don’t drink alcohol.  We have not tried a mock Moscow Mule, but we think this drink could be easily changed for that.  The ginger beer, even the non-alcoholic, has a kick.  So try a 1/2 jigger of lime juice, and some non-alcoholic ginger beer in a copper mug along with 1 lime wedge. If you try it, let us know how it is.  And next time we will do the taste testing for you!


Our appetizer this week was a melted Brie topped with toasted slivered almonds served with raw veggies, sliced apple, and water crackers.  We microwaved the brie to melt it a bit, but you could also top the brie with toasted slivered almond and then put it an oven at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes or until soft (it was too hot the day we had Happy Hour, so we did not want to turn on the oven).

IMG_1289 (2)

Enjoy the long holiday weekend!

~May and June

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