How Does Your Garden Grow?

This is our favorite time of year here at May Meets June. Of course the fact that it’s our birthday months may have a little something to do with that, but to us, it’s also the most beautiful part of the spring/summer. Everything is so green and lush and there is a constant array of blooms. We feel that every home should have some type of garden, whether it’s for vegetables or flowers. The great thing is, you can have an elaborate landscape of blooms, or just simple containers on your balcony or patio, and even flower boxes for your windows. They add a pop of color to any space, plus you can grow tomatoes and herbs in pots as well.

May has always had a vegetable garden. When her boys were little, they would experiment with different seeds and loved watching the plants grow, enjoying a wonderful harvest by the end of the summer. One year they even had a pumpkin!!  Several years ago, May’s yard underwent a huge transformation and alas, the veggie garden had to go. However, all was not lost. An area at the back of yard that didn’t yield great soil, had wonderful light and so, as a Mother’s Day gift, May’s boys built her a contained garden.


These type of gardens are wonderful if you don’t have great space. You can even buy these contained gardens at Home Depot or Lowe’s, and put them together yourself. These days, May just plants tomatoes and herbs.


Just planted these a few weeks ago


Last year’s plants


Last year’s harvest…yum!

There is nothing like a tomato picked fresh off the vine still warm from the sun.

June did not inherit her father’s green thumb and she hates to weed, but she loves flowers and likes to cook with fresh herbs.  So, she restricts her gardening to low maintenance perennials and container pots with annuals and herbs (and then of course Faye, the fairy, planted her own garden too).


The lovely peonies are blooming.


Some basil.


No idea what this is but it is pretty.

June also has window boxes on the front of her house which require a lot of annuals to be planted.  The boxes face south and get a lot of sun.  After several years of trial and error, June has found that sun loving resilient plants such as zinnias, dahlias, verbena and vinca vine work best up there.  They also need lots of water.  In July, when the heat gets intense and sometimes rain is sparse, the window boxes and often the pots in the back of the house require a good soaking both in the morning and in the evening.


The plants are little right now.


As far as vegetables, June appreciates all the farmers’ hard work at the local Farmer’s Market and the hard work of her family and friends who are gardeners.  Are you listening May?  June hopes you are planning to use some of that tomato crop to make us some ratatouille this year.  She promises to bring a bottle of wine.

Have a great weekend! And, if you haven’t done so already, enjoy the weather and go play in the dirt. –May and June


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