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How Many Steps Can You Walk in One Day? – Charleston Edition

This past weekend, June flew down to Charleston, South Carolina to reunite with May for a few days of much needed R&R. It was to be a weekend filled with the sites and sounds of the city, great food, shopping, girl time and of course we had to walk the beautiful beach on Kiawah Island. May had the weekend planned and we were all set, with the exception of the one thing we could not control, Mother Nature.

Our day started off beautiful with sunny skies and warm temperatures, and with a very wet weekend on the horizon, we decided to explore as much of the city as possible. We pretty much fit a three day weekend into a day and a half, walking about 12 miles in that time. Charleston is a very walkable city and we covered a lot of territory which included shopping on King Street (including a trip to one of our favorite stores, Anthropologie) a walk through the open market, a carriage ride, drinks and duck nachos on the rooftop of the Pavilion Bar, and a beautiful sunset stroll along the water. We were even able to sit and enjoy the sunset on the large swings along the pier, which are always occupied. It was truly a perfect day.

A carriage ride on Rainbow Row

The Pavilion Bar

A Beautiful Sunset on the bay

We knew our outdoor time was limited when we awoke to cloudy skies on Saturday, but we decided to make the most of it and headed down to the Kiawah Island beach right after an early breakfast. The wind was calm and even with clouds looming, there was something so peaceful about walking barefoot along the waters edge. Now, without the sun to warm the sand, our feet were a little cold, especially as we dipped our toes into the surf. Brrrr. We toughed it out though and even collected a few shells for June to take home with her, a gift of nature from the sweet South. We had walked quite a way when we heard thunder rumbling in the distance, our dry weather about to end. We hustled back to the car with the black clouds chasing us and literally made it back just as the big old fat raindrops started to fall, thunder crashing down over our heads.

June on the Beach

The rest of our weekend was wet, wet, wet. In fact it was pretty much a deluge. We didn’t let that stop us though. We did get a small break in the rain on Saturday afternoon and decided to go back to the city to check out a little vintage jewelry shop that June read about, called Candy Shop Vintage. It’s a cute little boutique that sells vintage and vintage inspired jewelry. The store is known for their vintage inspired rice beads that pay homage to Charleston. They sell beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and rings in different colors, and yes, we bought ourselves a little treat. Before going back to the car, we took a stroll down a neighborhood street, enjoying the charm of the historic homes. Even though both of us are planners, there is something so fun about being spontaneous. We just happened upon a beautiful old home, the  Aiken-Rhett house, that gave tours, and we were one of the last visitors in before the house closed for the day.

The house was so interesting because rather than restoring it, the historical society is simply conserving it.  That means that while rundown, there are original touches such as remnants of the old wallpaper still on the walls and select pieces of furniture. Parts of the house tour gave us chills. Living in the North, the dark period of slavery is not a part of our history. However, as part of the tour, we walked through the outbuildings which included the slave quarters.  It connected us to the part of our country’s history that many would prefer to forget.

Now, we realized as our weekend came to a close that we probably could have taken many more photos to show y’all, but we were having so much fun simply enjoying the moment and each other’s company-  focusing too much on taking pictures would have taken something away from our experience. I guess you will just have to plan a trip to this great city, and see it all for yourself. And don’t forget to pack comfortable shoes.

Have a great weekend. ~May and June

Never. Stop. Exploring.



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