Life is Too Long to Wear Bad Yoga Pants

Unless you have been living at an ashram in India the last few years, I am sure that you have figured out that wearing yoga pants is a trend that seems to be here to stay.  There is a whole segment of the fashion industry called “atheleisure” which is basically just a fancy way of saying you wear fashionable gym clothes out in public whether your idea of a workout is a 60 minute cardio class, or walking to the end of the driveway to pick up the newspaper.  But whether you wear yoga pants to wear to yoga class, or lounging around the house or as a part of an outfit, it is imperative that you wear yoga pants that fit you well.  No matter what your size you can find yoga pants that are flattering and do not show all your business to the world.

There are many stores that sell yoga pants.  A high price does not necessarily indicate good quality (as devotees of one well-known high-priced yoga manufacturer have discovered when unfortunately their downward dog, was showing a bit more “dog” then they had planned), I find that spending a bit more on yoga pants generally results in a more substantial fabric.  For example, I have a pair of leggings that were inexpensive and while you could possibly wear them as yoga pants because they are stretchy, no one needs to see all of that so I wear them under tunics and dresses.

I love Lucy for yoga pants, but I am also curious to try out Zella brand which is sold at Nordstrom, and a more bargain brand called Reflex sold on Amazon.  I am not being compensated for any of the following but they are just things I have found that I love.  I am sticking to long pants right now since it is January.  In the warm weather, I do switch over to cropped pants but a run from the car to a warm studio risks frostbitten ankles at the moment.

If you are not familiar with Lucy, it is a specialty store that only carries athletic wear.  Many of their styles can be worn outside of the house as your outfit. I regularly wear coats, jackets and wraps from them as every day wear.  The thing I love about Lucy is that their clothes fit real women (unlike the store mentioned earlier that shall not be named, who cater only to the size 00s of the world). Their size chart shows that the pants range in size from an XS which is a 0 to an XL which is up to a size 18.  The Lucy basic pants come in lengths too, so for us shrimpies they have short lengths, and for those of you that were blessed with long legs and height, they have tall lengths (as well as average lengths).  I have heard that you can shorten yoga pants, but really who has time for that?  I am fortunate because I have a brick and mortar store close to my house where I can try things on, but they do offer free shipping if you want to order online.  Finally, you may think after checking out the pants below that they are really expensive, but Lucy runs some great sales and they have a rewards program.  A couple times a year, Lucy will run specials on just their pants, in November or December they usually celebrate Lucy’s birthday with a percentage off the entire store/website, and as they rotate through the seasons they put the prior season’s stock on sale and if you hold on long enough, the sale usually goes on sale.  I also will tell you that my pants last and last.  No pilling.  I just wash in cold and hang to dry.

So here are some of my favorite pants from Lucy:


Vital Pant

Vital Pant

These are a nice basic boot cut yoga pant.  If you ever watched Stacy London and Clinton Kelly on TLC’s What Not To Wear, they emphasized that if you have hips your pants should be a straight line with a little flare at the bottom to even out your hips.  These will do that.  The weight of the pants is good.  They provide some support but don’t squeeze you so that you cannot breathe (which you need to be able to do).

Lotus Pant

Lotus Pant

The Lotus Pant is a really straight legged pant.  I have a pair which I do not wear for yoga or to work out (it is just my personal preference), but I do wear them as pants under tunics or dresses.  However, my mom just discovered these and she loves to wear them for yoga.  She bought one pair and wanted to wear them to yoga class every time (which is 3-4 times a week) and also just as pants, so she went back for a second pair.

Studio Hatha Legging


Black Hatha Legging

I recently decided to give yoga leggings a try and have found that I really, really like them.  I feel like my muscles are more compressed in the pant which feels good during long yoga classes or a high intensity class.  And as any one who knows me knows, I can be a bit of a klutz (in the last year and a half I have sprained an ankle which required 12 weeks of physical therapy and then 6 months later broke my toe, both happened while I was just walking, and tripped).  So while the boot cut pant is flattering, I tend to trip on the bottom of the pant.  I also found that with the extra material my tree pose would slide down my leg unless I pulled my pant leg up.  To avoid looking like an upside down ice cream cone, I pair my leggings with a blousy yoga top or a looser, longer tshirt.  These leggings do come in lengths for some of the colors.  However, I found the rise in the short length a bit uncomfortable, so I just wear the regular length and the bottoms are a little bunchy around my ankle.

Patterned Pants

Patterned Yoga Pant

Another Pattern

A trend lately are patterned yoga pants.  I was hesitant to try these on me because I do not like to accentuate my lower half.  I have a pair similar to the top pair and I get complimented every time I wear them (I think I may have to get the top pair so I don’t wear the same patterned ones every time).  These are the same Studio Hatha Leggings as above but just in a pattern.  I recommend that you try them on to see how you like the pattern.  You may be surprised how flattering they look.  And I can guarantee you will feel like you look very hip.

Zella Brand

I personally have not tried these Zella brand pants but they look super cute and they have great reviews online.  And if you do not have a Nordstrom by you (or it is a super huge mall and sometimes the thought of going there exhausts you), Nordstrom offers free delivery and free returns.  Also, I noticed that this brand has plus size so if you need a little more room in your pants while you work hard to stay healthy, you can still be super cute.

Zella Live-In Legging

Black Pattern ZellaPink Pattern Zella

These are the Zella Live-In Legging.  I think I may have to try these on the next time I am at Nordstrom just for a little variety.  The reviews do say that the material is thick so there are no revelations going on, but some complain that they are long (although I expect that on me).

Live-In Spectrum Leggings

Sexy Black Leggings

I think these are kind of sexy black yoga pant leggings.  I don’t know if I would try them but they do put an interesting spin on the plain black pant.

Reflex Brand

So I cannot get the images of these pants to be bigger than microscopic, but check on the link to check these out.  A woman in my yoga class had the Burgundy Snowflake Space Dye the other day and they were adorable.  And they are only $25 on Amazon but they didn’t look it.  Because they were new for her, time will tell how well they wear but if you want to try the patterned trend or you are just looking for some inexpensive yoga pants these may be ones to try.

Whether you are planning to take a 3 hour yoga class like I did this past weekend (my body is still talking to me today), hitting a strength class, walking the dog, going to the grocery store or just sitting on the couch binge-watching TV, remember you can look cute and feel good.  No one feels good when they are self-conscious about lumpy bumpy pants.  So treat yourself to some stunning and fun yoga pants.  –June



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