Making Memories

Every year, my oldest stepdaughter Nicole and I take a little excursion to the city for the day. We’ve done this since she was in grade school. In the past, my husband Bob and youngest stepdaughter, Alyssa would attend a Cubs game on the same day, and afterwards, we would all meet up in the city for pizza.



We do this at Christmas time too, but more on that in December.  Now that the girls are older and have very busy lives, Bob and I find ourselves having to work our way into their ever-changing schedules. Our little tradition has taken a few twists and turns along the way, but that’s ok. It’s a reminder that change is constant, yet we’re still strengthening our family’s bond by creating long lasting memories. Nicole and I finally made plans to take our trip to the city this past weekend. Although we generally don’t let the weather stop us, I wasn’t sure if our November day would cooperate, but thankfully it did. It was sunny and in the 50’s with no wind (Windy City).  It was beautiful.


The skating rink at Millennium opened this weekend

We usually don’t have a specific agenda – we are all regularly in the city and have seen it all – so we usually just throw caution to the wind and figure it out as we go along, which makes it more fun. One thing’s for sure though, there are going to be a lot of laughs, walking, shopping, and treats.  Did I mention walking?? We kept track of how far we walked….8.2 miles.



Found these cute beaded bracelets


Nicole ate them all


Yes, that’s a Christmas tree behind us and it’s November 15

As you can see, we took a few photos of our day, but for the most part we kept our phones safely tucked away. Photos are great, but sometimes we’re so caught up in taking the picture, we lose the loveliness of the moment. Although baseball season is over (Great year for the Cubs!), Bob and Alyssa did meet us for pizza, and all was right with the world.


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