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May Meets Florence

Bonjourno from Florence, Italy! I am in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and fell in love the minute we walked out our hotel door and started roaming the narrow streets. We had a bit of jet lag when we arrived, but who can sleep when there is so much to explore? The fashion, food, and the people are wonderful and we have enjoyed learning all about this picturesque city which is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance. As much as I love the fashion and food, I can’t say enough about the people here. They are helpful, courteous, considerate and so very friendly. As in most European countries, they love when you at least try to speak their language and are more than willing to teach those of us whose understanding of the language is a little more limited.

Although I have taken some photos, I am truly just trying to be in the moment and take in the beauty of this city through my eyes, and not a lens.

The beautiful garden outside our hotel window

 Il Duomo di Firenze in the distance

 the Ponte Vecchio Bridge

The Arno River

He was amazing!

 Later today we will be hopping the train for Rome where we look forward to more adventures in Italy.

Have a wonderful week!


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