More Spring Shoes – That Won’t Freeze Your Toes

We are having a shoe week here at May Meets June.  There are certain things I love to recommend to other people.  Books are the top of the list but I also like to pick out shoes for people.  My mom will often tell me that she needs a new pair of a certain kind of shoe and she will get an email from me with several links to Zappos with various choices.  And I love all of the pairs May picked out for comfy sandals for walking and travel on Monday (although I did tell her the yoga sandals were a little weird).  However, it is not quite sandal weather yet but lately every time I put on my favorite pair of booties I have a visceral reaction to them and want to throw up (I also have this reaction to my winter coat, my cozy grey cardigan and any other wardrobe piece I have been wearing for the last 5 months).  So since my body is obviously screaming for spring but it does not especially appreciate frostbitten toes I decided to show you some of my favorite pairs for that in between time of booties and sandals.

OTBT Springfield

OTBT Shoes

May and I hit up this little shoe store in downtown Arlington Heights on Friday afternoon when we were supposed to be working called Tootsies Shoes.  They were having a great sale and I picked up this pair of shoes that I had admired a couple of times when I had been in there.  My pair are a little lighter colored brown so I think they will make a great spring shoe and will even work well into summer.  I like to keep my toes covered even in the summer when I am commuting downtown or I am going to be in a large crowd of people.  I have a weird thing about germs and also have a thing about having my toes stepped on.

Clarks Feature Film

Clarks Feature Film

I have these shoes in a gold metallic (which sadly I could not find) and I wear them all of the time.  They seem to have them in silver this year instead.  They are very comfortable.  And the best part for me is that they are Mary Janes.  I love Mary Jane shoes.

UGG Aven

UGG Driving Moc

Driving moccasins are always a great option this time of year.  The outer sole has enough toughness to it that it will hold you up in case you hit a patch of that tricky black ice.  I have a similar pair that I have worn for years and they are always the first pair of shoes that I reach for when the weather changes enough for my to wear shoes with no socks.


Dansko Thea

Dansko Thea

I love a good clog and these are great because they are sandal like but they cover up your toes.  I have them from a couple of seasons ago in a fun spring green color which gives my outfits a pop of color even when I’m stuck wearing that cozy grey cardigan.  IMG_3743

I ended up wearing them to the bridal brunch May hosted in the April blizzard-like conditions and my feet did not turn to ice cubes.

Skechers Go Walk


I love my Skechers Go Walk shoes.  They are a little cuter on then they appear on any website and they have some fun patterns and colors too if you want a little more pop.  I like them because they feel like athletic shoes but are not so clunky and you do not have to wear socks.  I will also tell you they were the only shoes that got me through a severely sprained ankle two summers ago and a broken toe last summer.  I finally replaced my beloved pair since they practically walked themselves to the garbage can.

I think this weekend I may put those winter shoes and booties to rest in the closet and break out some of these in between shoes until we finally hit sandal weather.  Of course it being Chicago that could be next week or it could be the 4th of July, you never know.  –June

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