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Because we love our pets, we want to make sure they live a long healthy life so that they are around to be our companions and friends.  You may have noticed lately that there are a lot of commercials in the media discussing grain-free dog food, or pure ingredients and a lot of other buzzwords.  May and June have made a commitment to their dogs, Sawyer and Gatsby, to keep them healthy.  And since dogs do not get a choice in deciding what they are going to eat, it is up to us to feed them the most nutritious food possible.

We are fortunate to have a local natural food pet store, Bentley’s Pet Stuff, near by.  We love Bentley’s.  They started in our local community of Arlington Heights, Illinois about eight years ago.  The owner, Lisa, started the store because she recognized that dogs were being fed mainly garbage by the pet food industry.  This source of food was leading to all kinds of health problems in our pets, including allergies, infections, autoimmune conditions and cancer.  Also, it was becoming well-known that much of our dog food was made in China, and those companies through neglect or purposefully, were allowing chemicals into the foods that were causing kidney failure, and killing our four-legged friends.  So Lisa, with the help of her husband, Giovanni, took a great risk and started Bentley’s Corner Barkery to provide a retail location for people who were interested in feeding their animals nutritious food that was safe.


June was an early customer of Bentley’s and started Gatsby on high-quality grain-free food as soon as he was brought home as a puppy.  Unfortunately, her previous golden retriever, Penelope, had a lot of health issues and died when she was only 3 1/2 years old.  And while June had fed her a higher quality food, it was not grain-free because at the time these types of food were not readily available.  Penelope’s health problems caused expensive veterinarian bills and ultimately a lot of heartache.  So when Gatsby came along, June and her husband made a commitment to spend more money on dog food, and hopefully a lot less money on vet bills.  And so far so good.  Gatsby is pretty healthy. May’s previous doodle, Molly, was not a Bentley’s customer until later in life, when she was having a lot of health issues. May wonders sometimes if her quality of life would have been better, had she discovered Bentley’s and a grain free diet a few years earlier. When May’s family adopted their doodle Sawyer, he was suffering from chronic ear infections and skin issues. They are happy to report that with the wonderful advice from Bentley’s staff, and a commitment to a grain free diet and supplements, Sawyer has not had one ear infection, and his skin has cleared up.



(A great selection of healthy food and treats)  

   Lisa and her staff are extremely knowledgeable about the products they carry.  Lisa does a lot of research on their products and on pet nutrition in general. If your pet is having any type of health concern, and you stop in and talk to the staff, they can usually offer some solutions. Gatsby has been having a chronic skin allergy, and Lisa turned us on to a natural supplement program ( the same one that Sawyer is on that is not carried by their store), and we are seeing amazing results in the condition of his skin and decreased ear infections.  They carry no products that are made or produced in China with most products coming from the United States, Canada or Australia.   We keep going back because of that and because the customer service is amazing.  We have noticed that some of the big box pet stores are now carrying some of the dog food brands that are carried by Bentley’s, but because of the customer service, we keep going back to Bentley’s.

In addition to pet food, Bentley’s also carries high quality and fashionable leashes and collars, pet beds and toys (including stuffed ones that are less likely to be “murdered” by our furry friends).


(They even have cute “boy” leashes and collars)

They also have a “chew” bar of every disgusting treat (according to the humans) and delicious treat (according to the dogs) you can imagine.  Trust us, you really do not want to know what animal part makes up a bully stick.


(The chew bar)

As regular customers of Bentley’s, we are excited for them as they have continued to grow.  They now have 15 locations with more to come and also offer free delivery.  The free delivery is great if you have ever had to lug around a 30 pound bag of dog food, and you are only slightly more than 5 feet tall.  In addition, some locations offer dog walking which Gatsby loves and is used frequently by his family.

Have a good weekend.  Hope you have some sweet time for belly rubs and tennis balls. –May and June


Two very satisfied Bentley’s customers.


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