Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies

I went to a ribbon cutting ceremony last Saturday.  As old as I am, can you believe that I have never been to a ribbon ceremony?  The ceremony was full of all of the pomp and circumstance that such an event should contain.  There were speeches and pictures.  Then the grand event of cutting a big red ribbon over the front door with giant scissors opened the building to all visitors!

This ribbon cutting was special for me because it was the grand opening of a new library where my brother is the director.  The project has taken over a year and was a lot of work for him and many others.  The opening deserved this kind of ceremony because it was a momentous occasion of a vision coming to life.

When I mentioned to others that I had never been to a ribbon cutting ceremony, most others (some much older than me) echoed the same sentiment.  So it got me thinking that we should have more ribbon cutting ceremonies to celebrate the fruition of our own visions and accomplishments.

Other than your graduation and your wedding, when was the last time you celebrated an achievement?  And even if you have had a celebration when was the last time you celebrated in a big, possibly public, splashy way?  I know for me it has been a long time.  As adults I think we have a tendency to accomplish one thing and then immediately look forward to the next thing that needs to be done.  We should all take time to pause and celebrate all of those moments both big and small.

Buy a new house?  Put a big ribbon on your front door and cut it before you walk through.  Not only did you make it through the home buying process but you are committing to making a home in that structure.

Finish a big project at work?  Put a big ribbon on your office door and cut it before you start your day, taking a moment to relish in a completed job.

Clean out the closet?  Put a big ribbon on the closet door so it reminds you that the closet is clean every time you walk in the room.


The big ribbon might be a bit ludicrous and in some situation too ostentatious.  For example cutting a ribbon on the grocery store cart because you finally have food in your house may get you some funny looks.  But do something to celebrate when you accomplish something and feel proud.  The reason why those ribbons are almost always red and those scissors are gigantic is a statement is being made that this is something huge and important and special.  Those ceremonies not only celebrate what has been completed but what is to come.  So find those moments in your life to have a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate you and all that you are and everything that comes next. –June

You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness. Zig Ziglar

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