Rushing the Season

Be happy in the moment, that’s enough.  Each moment is all we need, not more.” Mother Teresa

I was grocery shopping last Friday, October 30.  I was slowly making my way through my list in the produce department, apples, broccoli, zucchini… when I looked up and saw a display of loose filberts, brazil nuts, walnuts and candy canes.  CANDY CANES?!  There was still Halloween candy being sold for the next day’s trick-or-treating and my grocery store was already trying to sell Christmas candy.  I was taken aback.


Now that we are in the first week of November, all the stores are selling Christmas decorations, wrapping paper and advertising for Christmas shopping.  I am a huge fan of Christmas.  Honestly, I love everything about it.  I deck out my house in Christmas decorations, festoon my house with twinkle lights (remember I love twinkle lights), bake several kinds of cookies, think Buddy the Elf is one of the best movie characters, play Christmas music on repeat and enjoy trying to figure out great gifts for my loved ones.  However, this crush of Christmas before Halloween gets me a little overwhelmed and feeling like the spirit and meaning behind Christmas is lost.

In yoga, one of the things that we focus on is the present moment.  It is a lesson learned on the mat.  If I am holding a balance pose and start thinking about what I need to do after class, a conversation that happened earlier in the day, or even the fact that the person across the room  just fell over, do you know what happens to me?  I lose my balance.

If I take this experience outside of the yoga studio, the same thing happens to me.  The minute I stop focusing on what I am doing now, I make mistakes and feel overwhelmed.  And I think this time of year when we are being constantly bombarded with reminders of the hustle and bustle of the season to come, we lose our balance.

So this November, I am going to appreciate this season.  That is not to say that I may not start my Christmas shopping list or purchase a few Christmas decorations at Target or watch Fred Clause when it comes on, but I am going to remember that this month of November is the season to be thankful for all of my many blessings and gifts.  And I am going to anticipate with joy the season that is to come and enjoy it with a full heart when it arrives. –June



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