Summer Porch Refresh

I have probably said this a hundred times here, but our screened in porch is by far my favorite room in our house.  Sitting on a porch simply feels like summer.  This time of year I enjoy listening to the rustle of the leaves, feeling the hot breeze and the sunshine, especially on this first day of summer.  As the summer progresses, the insistent music of the cicadas becomes the melody on the porch.  Life just seems easier and slower when I sit on the porch.  I wish I could spend all my summer days there.

However, after looking around our porch this spring, we realized it was starting to look a little tired.  So, we recently finished a quick refresh of the porch.  And now we have all of the summer days to enjoy it.

To refresh the porch we hired a painter to paint both the inside, including the deck floor, and the outside.  When I was in South Carolina visiting May this past winter, I loved that the ceiling porches were painted haint blue.  The ceiling of our porch is stained but I decided to paint my walls that some color.  In the South, haints are thought to be restless spirits of the dead, that for whatever reason have not moved on.  The haint blue is to protect the homeowner from being taken or influenced by the spirits.  I always like legend stories so this seemed a good reason to paint my porch that color.

There is no color called “haint blue” but instead is usually a shade of light blue with a tint of green.  I chose Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue for our color.  And I have to say I am absolutely in love.  It is cool and fresh which is perfect for a screened in porch.

The other refresh that we did was a new indoor/outdoor rug from Target with shades of my favorite color, pink, and gray.  It has a soft texture that makes our porch feel a bit like an outdoor living room.

I bought a few new chair cushions because our old ones had seen better days.  Once again I picked up the colors of pink and blue-green to keep a cohesive color scheme.

Finally, we took down our old paper lantern lights and hung these rustic string lights.  The bulbs have that old-fashioned appearance of being able to see the filament.  It lends a nice warm glow to our porch making it inviting in the evening.  And my husband did a wonderful job of hanging them up so they are nicely spaced.

I have a sign collection hanging over the door where I hang signs that inspire me or have a special meaning.  The Here Fishy Fishy sign reminds me of when I went fishing with my dad as a little girl and would call the fish to get on my hook.  The sign that says This Home is Open to God, sunshine and friends was a wedding present.  I am always on the lookout for new signs to add.

And my lady planter needed a fresh flower crown.

If you are looking for me this summer, Gatsby and I will be on our newly refreshed porch sipping a drink and reading a book.  However, I am always happy to have company join me.  So come sit a spell with me on my porch.  -June

Nowadays, people are so jeezled up. If they took some chamomile tea and spent more time rocking on the porch in the evening listening to the liquid song of the hermit thrush, they might enjoy life more. – Tasha Tudor

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