Sunday Scaries – How to Combat

Do you suffer from the Sunday Scaries?  If you don’t know what they are, the Sunday Scaries are those feelings you have on Sunday of anxiety and dread at the week ahead.  I have the Sunday Scaries most weeks.  It’s a hard feeling to describe.  It starts as a bit of anxiety because Monday is looming.  There is also a sense of being overwhelmed at not accomplishing everything you wanted over the weekend, including just having some down time. There is a bit of sadness in there too because the weekend is almost over.  The worst is that it ruins half your weekend when they start on Sunday morning.

I have tried to figure out how to cope with the Sunday Scaries for awhile now.  I have not defeated them, but I have found a few things that have helped me.  Obviously, a big life change of finding a job I love would certainly eradicate them, but here are some simple ideas.  I’m also open to more suggestions.

Have a Sunday morning routine.  As much as I crave mornings where I have nothing to do, I have found that my case of the Sunday Scaries is more pronounced if I have no plan for the morning or the day.  On Sunday mornings, I am often up before my husband so I spend some quiet time writing or reading something inspiring.  I enjoy a second cup of coffee.  I read the Sunday newspaper.  After my husband is awake and watches his one hour of Sunday morning news shows, we take the dog for a nice long walk.  On the walk we often figure out what other things we need to accomplish for the day.  The exercise and the fresh air are a great way to tamp down those feelings of anxiety and dread.

Get organized for the week.  The worst feeling on Monday morning is feeling rushed and unprepared.  I now try to get organized for the week on Sunday.  I make sure the house is straightened and the laundry has been folded and put away.  I put things in my work bag that need to be taken to the office.  I started using a service called PrepDish to get my meals ready for the week.  PrepDish is a subscription menu service.  The idea is that you prep and cook for about two hours on a free day and then dinners are all set to go during the week.  And the meals are all healthy.  We have been doing this for the past few weeks and it is amazing to come home after a long day in the office and not have to decide what we are having for dinner, but also have at least 80% of it prepared.  This is turning into one of those things that is seriously helping my Sunday Scaries.

Give yourself a quitting time.  Because we are so busy during the week, it seems that our weekends are full of errands and chores. On Sundays, in particular, I have started giving myself a quitting time for doing work.  Usually that time is in the late afternoon and I will treat myself to a short nap, a show on Netflix or the DVR or a few chapters of my book.  This helps my brain get some relaxation time before the hectic week.  As part of that quitting time, I also try to either do a slow cooker meal on Sunday or something super fast like burgers on the grill.  That way I don’t have to spend a lot of time on meal preparation after my “quitting time.”

Go to bed early.  I try to go to bed at my regular time on Sunday if not earlier.   The Sunday Scaries tend to make my sleep restless on Sunday nights, so following the usual routine helps with my quality of sleep.

I have read some tips that involve planning a fun activity for Sunday night or Monday night, so that there is something at the end of the weekend or beginning of the week to look forward to.  I have not tried this yet.  However, with the summer approaching I think we may try this.  We could go to a movie or invite some friends over for cocktails on our porch.  We could even spend our afternoon enjoying a quiet activity or museum such as a visit to the Chicago Botanical Gardens or a dinner out.  It would be interesting to see if this helps stave off some of those Sunday Scaries.

Let me know if you have any good tips to ward off those Sunday Scaries. –June

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. -Unknown

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