The Oscars

The Oscars or Academy Awards show is this weekend and I have a shameful secret to admit.  I don’t really like the Oscars.  Shocking!  I know.  I actually find the whole show rather boring and quite often,  I have not seen most of the movies.  And if I have seen the movies they are not usually the winners.  Maybe that says something about my taste in movies, or maybe that says something about the nominees.Oscar Award - Decor

I do love to watch the red carpet and see the fashion.  The dresses are usually beautiful.  And the jewels worn are breathtaking.  If Tiffany would like me to wear some jewelry to an event and tell everyone that it is theirs, I will gladly say yes (hint, hint). It is also fun to critique the fashion choices as if I would ever have an opportunity to walk a red carpet and choose what to wear.  But the awards show itself is often pretty boring.  The jokes fall flat, the original song nominees are performed by artists other than those that performed it in the movies, there are a lot of categories of awards for things that the average person is not privy to (although that can be a little interesting to know what goes into making a movie), and the show goes on for way too many hours.  I understand the purpose of acceptance speeches, but for those of us watching it on television, we do not have any idea who the people are that are being thanked.  Even the show’s producers want to make sure those do not go on too long and cut off the winners with some not so subtle orchestra exit music.

So even though I have trouble getting interested in the Academy Awards show, I feel like I should be interested.  I do sometimes watch the beginning of the show and sometimes tune into at the end for the Best Picture winner, so I can be in the “know” the next day.

I did look online today to see who the Best Picture nominees are for Sunday.  I wanted to know if I was really out of the loop.  It turns out this year I did see more than my usual number of nominees and here are my thoughts on the nominees:

  • The Big Short – I did see this one in the theater and was surprised by how very much I liked it.  My husband loves shows and movies about finances and the financial crises so I really went to see it with him for that reason.  Despite the somewhat somber premise of the movie, it was surprisingly entertaining and at times humorous.
  • Bridge of Spies – Another one I did see in the theater.  A based on true events spy movie set during the start of the Cold War starring Tom Hanks, how could you pass it up?  We may actually watch this one again now that it is on demand.
  • Brooklyn – Never heard of it.
  • Mad Max: Fury Road – Did not see it.  Not my cup of tea about a woman who rebels against a tyrannical leader in futuristic post apocalyptic world with the help of a group of female prisoners, a psychotic worshiper and a drifter named Max.
  • The Martian – I saw part of this movie and fell asleep.  Everyone raved about this movie.  It could be that I watched it at home on my cozy couch in my pjs, but I fell asleep when Matt Damon started making fertilized soil to grow potatoes to sustain himself until he could hopefully be rescued.  Since I have seen the jokes on the internet about how much money has been spent to save Matt Damon, I assume he was saved from Mars as well.
  • The Revenant – I saw the preview for this movie every time we went to the movies before Christmas so that should count for something.  Revenge stories are not usually a favorite of mine.  Animal stories are not a favorite of mine.  Bloody violent stories are not a favorite of mine.  So revenge stories against an animal that is bloody and violent is definitely going to be on my do not see list.
  • Room – I started to read the book and got scared and couldn’t finish it.  If the book gave me nightmares just from picturing the story in my imagination, I do not think seeing the story played out will help my ability to sleep well at night.
  • Spotlight – I have not seen this one but I think I might.  I just saw that it was released this week on demand.  It is based on the true story of how the Boston Globe uncovered the Catholic Church’s molestation scandal.

I will probably not be watching the Oscars on Sunday night.  Instead, I will catch up on Downton Abbey (I am seasons behind) or settle into my favorite book.  However, if you are an Oscar lover, I hope all of your favorite movies are winners.  –June


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