The Time I Met The Pioneer Woman

Two weeks ago, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Ree Drummond aka The Pioneer Woman.  The Pioneer Woman was probably one of the blogs that introduced me to the world of blogging.  It has been interesting to see her blog evolve from a website where she simply posted about her family, the ranch and favorite recipes to the professional website and community it is today.

I admire how she has grown her business into several children’s books about Charlie the Ranch Dogs, four cookbooks, a show on Food Network and now a line of cookware, dishes and kitchen items at Walmart.  Whenever I dream about what this blog could become, I think about what she has been able to accomplish from the same platform.  I love many of the recipes in her cookbooks so when I heard that she was going to be in Naperville for a book signing of her new cookbook, I knew I had to go and take my mom with me.

The event was hosted by Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville and it was packed.  I think they said there was more than 625 people there.  However, because I was so on the ball, my mom and I had tickets numbered 6 and 7, meaning that was our place in line to have our books signed.

Ree Drummond gave a quick introduction, including a giveaway of a Charlie cookie jar, which regrettably we did not win, and then it was right to the book signing.


Ree Drummond was very friendly and approachable at the book signing, although I have to say I got a bit star struck and could not think of anything clever to say.  I could have told her that I made her  chicken enchilada recipe for 19 members of my book group and it was huge hit, or that olive cheese bread has become a family Christmas Eve tradition (and it is so beloved that my nephew requested my sister-in-law make it for his birthday dinner in July) or that I would like to grow a business like she has done.  Instead, I did get to have my picture taken with her:


And went home with my signed cookbook


And an extra goody


I was very happy to meet Ree Drummond.  I’m looking forward to trying some new yummy recipes in her new cookbook and continue to dream about growing this little blog into a small fraction of the community and business she has created.  –June


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