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The Sneaker Revolution

Have you noticed that athletic footwear has become insanely popular the past few years? They definitely aren’t just for working out anymore and with so many wonderful styles and colors, choosing the perfect pair can be a little challenging, especially if you love shoes as much as we do. We’ll take one of everything!! (Ha!) Women are wearing sneakers with leggings, skirts, dresses, capris- just about everything. And it is so much more stylish then the 1980s when only commuting women wore sneakers with nylons and their business suits.  We love this because it means we don’t have to walk around in uncomfortable shoes and suffer from sore feet just to look fashionable. Here are some cute styles we found.

Of course you can never go wrong with a classic like Converse. We remember the popularity of these shoes when we were kids, and here they are again. They look great with jeans, leggings, or even a fun skirt. As cute as these are, they don’t have a ton of arch support so be aware if you plan to do a lot of walking in them.

Black Nike’s are all the rage right now, in fact both of May’s girls wear theirs often. They are a great travel shoe with a comfy pair of leggings if you are going to be flying to destinations near or far.

Superga is a shoe brand that May heard about from a travel blog she follows called Travel Fashion Girl. These shoes were high on her list of recommended footwear for traveling, and May is seriously considering purchasing a pair in white for an upcoming trip to Italy. They come in several colors and you can get them on Amazon.

And if you want to go a little more athletic and colorful, June found these while browsing and they may have just jumped in her cart and on their way to her.  They have that classic retro look which was so popular when she was in junior high and her parents would only buy her cheap gym shoes from Sears.  So uncool.

Now, some of you may be wondering how you can pair your newly purchased kicks with a cute skirt or pair of jeans. We did a little internet search and found some great ideas!  You can find these ideas on Pinterest under June’s board “My Style.” , or May’s board “Sneaker Style”.

What’s great about all of these looks is that they are all pretty much made up of basics we all have in our closet.  A striped tshirt, a grey sweater, dress pants,or a scarf worn with a pair of athletic shoes gives you a cool vibe.  And even if you are not a 20-something you can still totally pull it off.

As a little side note, we are still mad about our booties, heels, and little ballerina flats, however it’s nice to know that there is a cute, comfy, and versatile sneaker out there when we want to be a little more casual, or don’t have a ton of room in our carry on.  Have a good weekend. –May and June

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