To Gray Or Not To Gray

A few weeks ago, my mom and I were on the hunt for a patio table for her yard. We didn’t find the table, but we both noticed the sales clerk’s hair which was a beautiful silvery gray. We actually complimented her on it and she proudly said she gets more positive feedback on her natural gray hair than she did when she colored it. We continued our conversation about gray hair on the drive home, wondering why society finds that men look handsome and distinguished as they gray (George Clooney), and women simply look old? But then we thought, maybe it isn’t society at all, but pressure that we women put on ourselves to try to stop the hands of time. Or, perhaps, it’s a little bit of both.
Recently, I have noticed gray hair becoming a growing trend for women who want to embrace a more natural look. I actually started a Pinterest board titled Forever Goddess that shows photos of beautiful women embracing their naturally gray hair. Let’s face it, coloring hair to cover gray is a lot of work and if you have it done professionally, a lot of money, not to mention the regular application of smelly chemicals to your hair and scalp. Even if you use organic products, we are still talking time and dollars. I know women who have to color their hair every three to four weeks to prevent their gray roots from showing, and if you’re a brunette you really need to stay on top of it. Are we truly realizing our authentic selves if we color, or are we wearing a mask? Also, are we fully living in the present moment if we are worrying about our gray roots and staying on top of our coloring appointments? I really don’t know the answer to that. I have a few friends who are tired of the vicious cycle of coloring their gray roots, yet they can’t ever imagine letting it go natural. I did find a great article about ditching the dye, and going for a more natural look in the Chicago Tribune.
Last year I wrote a post about clean hair care. Because of an allergy to traditional hair dye that I developed over a period of time, I had to find a salon that used products my scalp could tolerate. I did find a salon in South Carolina that uses the same Organic Color Systems, but because it was the holidays, and I was busy with the house, I didn’t make an appointment right away after I arrived. When I called, I had to wait four weeks for an appointment which brought me to nine weeks between coloring. (Yikes!) Now over the years, after I saw my first grays, I just got into the habit of getting my hair colored every five to six weeks without really thinking about it, because that is what we girls do. My new stylist was so apologetic about not getting me in sooner until she saw how little gray I actually have. I discovered that I not only inherited my maternal grandfather’s curls, I also inherited his slow to grow gray. That’s not to say I am gray free, because I am not. But it is loosely scattered around my head virtually showing no roots in between colorings. Interestingly, this stylist is not a big proponent of over coloring hair and uses low lights and high lights to help unite the new gray growth with the previous color, so you aren’t tied to a strict coloring schedule. I like that. Am I ready to give up color and just go au natural?? Not yet, although I am embracing the idea of it. For now, I am going to relax my hair schedule a bit. Also, because of the humidity here in the south, I am adopting a more carefree style that doesn’t require a precision cut, and I can just let my hair do what it was born to do. I am going to start blending whatever new gray comes in, with just a few low lights and see what happens.
Are you ready to embrace your gray?
Have a great week. ~ May
I am not aging. I am ripening. I am not getting old. I am becoming wiser. My hair is not going grey. It is shimmering silver like the light of the moon. My beauty brightens and glows with more brilliance with each circle around the sun and my spirit becomes stronger and softer as she flowers like a autumn orchid. I know this because i was told by a Whisper in the Wind.
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2 Responses to To Gray Or Not To Gray

  1. andi parks March 16, 2017 at 5:41 pm #

    My 94 year old friend who had 7 children, of course, is completely gray, and
    is a former hair stylist. She still occasionally uses a product she told me about
    which kind of brightens the white parts which tend to turn yellow over time,
    with the gray. I commented once how nice her hair color looked, and she told
    me about this silver product she uses. She said she buys it at Sally hair products store.
    I have filed this info away for myself for when I decide to go gray.

    • May March 17, 2017 at 7:22 am #

      Andi, I would love to know the name of the product.

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