A Weekend of Creativity and Vintage Finds

Good morning and happy Friday! We have officially entered the dog days of summer and it has sure been steamy here in the Midwest. It is hard to believe that school begins again in just a few weeks, with fall just around the corner. Two weeks ago, May and June enjoyed a girls weekend away while attending the Iowa Summer Writing Festival, at the University of Iowa. This was the second time we attended the festival together, and we were looking forward to going back for another creative experience.  We attended a seminar on Jumpstarting Your Creativity, which turned out to be a lot of fun.  The weather was very hot and sticky, but that didn’t stop us from leaving for our trip a little early to check out a few of the many vintage shops in and around Iowa City.


Our journey took us to Sisters Garden, a quirky resale shop located in the rural town of Kalona, Iowa. We actually spent quite a bit of time roaming the two farm homes and large yard filled with retro  goodies. We found some wonderful items that could dress up any backyard or garden, including architectural pieces, as well as unique accessories for the home. May discovered a great vintage mirror, but alas it was too large for her car. If you plan to do some serious shopping, make sure you bring a large vehicle to transport your lovelies back home.  June fell in love with those aqua chairs in the above picture, but again we had a space consideration.


In addition to the vintage pieces, the store also sells their signature brand of natural soy candles that come in many heavenly scents. May personally loved the honeysuckle.


Years ago, June saw a planter in a magazine that looked like someone’s head, and the plants grew out of the top like hair.  She has been on the lookout for one ever since.


And look what she found!!!!  June had trouble picking which one of these lovely ladies to bring home.  These were not vintage, but a lot of vintage stores have some great and unusual gift items as well.


She is sporting a lovely little mum headpiece right now while she lives on the patio, but expect her accoutrements and location to change with the seasons.  Maybe a bunch of twinkle lights for the long dark days of winter?


June also made a new friend with this bear rug.  He was ferocious looking, and we both laughed about how Sawyer and Gatsby would react if he came home.  We decided for the sake of our dogs’ hearts, it would be best to leave him at the store.

There were also a few fun shops right on campus that we had to re- visit this year.  While we did not necessarily find a treasure to take home, we did have fun poking around.  We also stopped into a great secondhand  bookstore called The Haunted Bookshop.  The bookstore is more interesting compared to some traditional bookstores since you never know what you are going to find.  The two cats living there can assist with your purchase too!  We also visited a store in Iowa City called Om, which we loved. Yoga books, crystals, and jewelry made with precious stones.  We both came home sporting gorgeous moonstone rings to remind us of our trip.

While we jump started our creativity in our writing workshop, we also enjoyed some creative inspiration from our vintage shopping.  It is so enjoyable to discover interesting things, imagine the history behind them, and just have some fun with a friend.

Have a good weekend. –May and June

Vintage means pre-loved.

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