We Love Target! (Part 1)

May and June are both regular shoppers of Target. It’s one of those great one stop shopping stores where you can get great buys on just about everything, including groceries. We recently took a little afternoon field trip to Target, and wanted to share with you some great fashion finds, at great prices.


Today we are all about fun fashion accessories. We are on the brink of summer and as we roamed the aisles, we both got lost in a sea of light summery scarves, cute and colorful tasseled totes, great hats to block the sun, and more! We loved putting together some great looks with just a plain white t-shirt and a few accessories. We also loved the great prices. We don’t know about you, but both May and June find that most of their wardrobe investment leans toward the heavier fabrics associated with winter clothing. In summer, our clothes tend to have brighter colors and lighter fabrics which don’t quite wear as well, and are washed more often. Keeping costs down for a lot of basics makes good sense, whether you’re on a budget, or not. What we love about Target is that there are so many great styles! Here are some items we loved.


Straw hats

Whether you’re sitting poolside, walking the beach, or working in the garden, a cute little straw hat is a must to keep the sun out of your eyes. These hats were 12.99-19.99.



T-shirt and Necklace

A plain white t-shirt (sometimes several) is a fashion staple during the summer months. You can pair it with a fun necklace or colorful scarf. These white t-shirts were $9.00, the necklaces were $16.99, and the scarves $14.99.


T-Shirt paired with scarf and straw bag




Of course a cute bag is a must for every occasion in the summer whether you’re going to a great summer concert, or the beach. Target has loads of great bags, and as you can see, it’s all about the tassels this summer. The summer clutches and totes were priced from $14.99-$34.99. Now we’ve come to one of our favorites……sandals!!


Cork Wedges

IMG_3862Snake Skin Flat (Faux of course!)


Black Fringed Sandal


Strappy Leather Slide

Needless to say, we spent a lot of time in the shoe department. We were thrilled to see so many cute styles for every occasion. The prices were great too. Most of the sandals ran from $16.99-$34.99.

Now, our outfit isn’t complete without a great pair of shades. We’re talking the sunglass variety of course! There was practically a whole wall devoted to sunglasses of all kinds and the prices ran from $14.99-$19.99 which is a great price, especially if you tend to leave yours places.



Doesn’t June look like a movie star?

So there you have it! Our fun Target fashion accessories.  We can’t wait to share our Target home and garden accessories with all of you next week! Have a wonderful weekend. ~May and June

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