We Love Target! (Part 2)

TGIF!! The weekend is nearly here, and May and June are back for Part 2 of our We Love Target post. Today, it’s all about the home. We found some great summer accessories for both your home and garden. For May, Target is on her list of stores where she shops for great finds when decorating homes for clients, as well as her own house. June has discovered some great finds as well. You can get some fun seasonal decorations for the home, and don’t forget to check out their $1.00-$3.00 aisle for cute seasonal items. Here are a few things we love.

IMG_3846 (1)

The Target home department is definitely ready for summer. We loved this color palette and the wonderful textures for the season. Most of Target’s decorative pillows are between $14.99-$24.99.  For that price, you can pick up one or two and easily switch out the look on your couch for the summer.

IMG_3847 (1)

  We found these interesting chairs and they were on sale too!  June wished she had the space to bring one home.

IMG_3843 (1)

     We also loved this neutral color palette with aqua touches. The wicker baskets are great for storage.

IMG_3864 (1)

There was a wonderful assortment of outdoor pillows for $15.99.  These would look great on your patio or back porch.  They are made with outdoor fabric and are resistant to the weather.


Target has a wonderful section for your patio and garden. Aren’t these gardening boots adorable? These were $18.99. May is thinking about going back for them.  They will keep her feet nice and dry when she is out playing in the mud and planting her vegetable garden this summer.


There was a nice assortment of watering cans and planters, but these metal ones really caught our eye.  It would make the chore of keeping our container gardens hydrated a little more fun.


We were both drawn to these adorable gnomes for the garden. These cuties were $12.99 and were the last two left!! We couldn’t resist!! They came home with us and add a wonderful touch to our outdoor spaces.  The myth is that if a gnome has something in his hands, he can’t get into mischief.  I guess because the red hatted one has no hands, we will be safe from gnome misadventures?


Target is always having wonderful sales, so don’t forget to check out a store near you this weekend if you are looking to spruce up your home for summer.  ~May and June

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