We’re Getting a Facelift!

Ha! May and June aren’t actually getting a facelift, but our blog is having a transformation of sorts. We are really enjoying our blogging journey with all of you but we have realized that our current platform was going to limit the experience we could provide.  We are making some changes so we can continue to grow with you.

First things first, if you did not notice our name has changed to MayMeetsJune.com.  We got rid of the wordpress.com part of our address.  Easier to remember (and less letters to type).

Second, we are going to take a little break this week so that we can do some behind the scenes beautification of our site.  We plan to return next Monday with a new fresh look that continues our vision of living in the beauty of the present moment. So no new posts for the rest of the week and we’ll see you Monday.


Happy Labor Day!!

~May and June

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